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London based artist Katie Bowdery works primarily with found discarded objects. Her artworks incorporate these materials as a tool and as a subject, highlighting the movement and textural details of each. Producing a variety of dynamic yet fragile pieces, encouraging the viewer to slow down and take in every element.


Graduating from University for the Creative Arts in 2018, Katie has exhibited in 2 solo shows, multiple online exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions in England, Cyprus, Vienna and New York. Currently working as a mixed media practitioner, Katie delivers workshops to her communities and organises artist opportunities and exhibitions.


Katie's interdisciplinary body of work cross a variety of different mediums and disciplines. Here they are separated into: Site Responsive, Sculptural, Expanded Drawing and Photographic. However, when viewed as a collection or as part of an installation, each piece is reliant on and in communication with, the surrounding artwork. Creating a kind of material poetry. 


The work is made in response to ongoing research around language, story telling, the passing of time and changes in consciousness. It is also inspired by her surroundings: both people, objects and immediate environment. Things found and things left. She finds find the beauty of unseen and often disregarded materials and share it with others in her art and her writing. 

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